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What should I do to this...?

Answers for your questions on reconstructing clothes

What Should I Do
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    Hey all!

  • This community is for people who "do-it-themselves," but don't know what to do to that certain article of clothing or accessory (like a scarf or a hat). It was created and is currently maintained by drowningduckie.You may post a question, preferably with a picture. Questions are to be answered using the comment link.

  • If you're going to post something long or with quite a few pictures, please use the cut code (that would be <lj-cut text="LINK TEXT"> thankyouverymuch.), to help shorten the loading time of most browsers.

  • If you have something to post not pertaining what i have required, please take it elsewhere. There are plenty of other communities for you to post at. Please note that ads for other communities will be deleted. If you really want a link from this community to your's, just PM me, asking me to put your link up in the community profile. Chances are, I'll agree to it :)

  • Please TRY to keep your language PG13. Although, swearing is okay--if not used in excess.

  • Remarks that show intolerance for others are not permitted. Anyone who says something that is racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. will be banned.

  • Please make sure there is a point to your post^.^

  • Please try to keep crossposting among similar communities to a minimum, as many of the same users belong to those same communities.

  • PLEASE FOLLOW ALL GUIDELINES. I'm not trying to be some mean stickler who gets joy in others' misery or anything like that. I just want everyone to enjoy the community and get along.

HEY YOU GUYS--I've been pretty busy with school as of late and I'm looking for a second moderator and for someone willing to make a layout for the community. If you're interested, please PM me (tell me your name, e-mail, and a little about yourself and why you'd like to be a mod. If you would be willing to make a layout for the community, please show me a little bit of your work.) and I'll get back to you asap. THANKS!

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