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Ideas for the Die-hard Tomboy?

Does anyone have any masculine T-shirt surgery ideas? I got 5 new plain shirts, but 3 of them my sister got identical ones to, so I want to surge them - anybody have any ideas for a girl who doesn't do the girly stuff (halters/skirts/etc.etc.)? I don't know that I really want to do any stencils either, unless someone has a really great idea for a stencil. (Actually, stencil might be a cool idea! ;D) I'm kind of a classy-casual mixer-upper... I really like neo-victorian stuffed mixed up with cyberpunk-street fun-casual, all 99% dude things. Guys, have any ideas for... guys? (And the girls who dress like guys?) Outside of manliness, I guess I also like 'boyish' things... like the things that aren't actually manly, but moms dress their boys in anyway. XD Puffy, silly, childish funstuff is cool too.
Would LOVE as many ideas as you can think of one this one. Thanks!
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